Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This is an ongoing document that I will add to as and when required.
What Data do I process:
When I generate images and video this will be considered data under the terms of GDPR
When I work with clients I will have contact details in emails, address books both on my computers and on my mobile phone. I will use this to communicate with clients about shoots, invoices, and various administrations tasks. This data is needed so I can operate my business effectively.
Handling of data:
Images and videos are stored in various locations and formats.
a.      Initially on two memory cards on my cameras which are then transferred to my computers, mobile phone etc. 
b.     On my computers and mobile phone (password protected), to enable editing, captioning, processing and delivering the image to clients
c.      On an external hard drives that are encrypted and password protected. This is my archive of images.
d.     On backup hard drives which are encrypted and password protected. This is a back archive of my images and is stored in a secure offsite location.
e.      On servers that are GDPR compliant. This is for offsite cloud backup
f.      On my website, for galleries and for delivering images to clients. This is hosted by who are GDPR compliant. Images delivered to clients are deleted off my website after 6 months unless the client asks for a longer period of storage. Images on my website are used to show clients the kind of services I supply. If you object to an image being used on my website please email me at
g.     When images are delivered to clients they are often used in a variety of ways, websites, press releases, magazines, social media etc. If you object to the use of these images please contact me at
h.     If you wish to be forgotten then I will delete any metadata embedded in photographs that might relate to you. Please contact me at
Contact Details
All my contact details are held on my computers, mobile phone and using (GDPR compliant) to provide a cloud based email, address book and diary which is Microsoft Office 365. If we have worked together I will have your details in my address book which I will retain indefinitely as some clients use me very infrequently and some very regularly. I will under no circumstances share this data with any third parties. If you wish to exercise you ‘right to be forgotten’  I will delete all your contact details.
I sometimes use (GDPR compliant) to send out updates to my website to clients I have worked with. This is to showcase what work I have been doing and is an invite to take a look. There is an option to unsubscribe to these emails.
Data generation is an active part of my job and is vital to the running of my business. I take how I handle data very seriously and endeavour to do my best to protect any data.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch at
I am Paul Adams a photographer, my company is The Image Project Ltd. T/A Paul Adams   registered in England and  Wales No. 5290594. I am registered as a Data Controller with the ICO (, no.ZA351791